Wedding and Party

Ronja Björn

Let's turn back the time and visit the 1950's


Below you will find some useful tips on what to wear and what to expect!



The time, the clothes and the music! how fantastic isn't that?! For the wedding and the party we hope that you also turn back the time, celebrate the time when Rockabilly started. There are some period features for both men and women which you can find below!



Curls, curls, curls

Red lips and eyeliner

Tealenght dresses with underlining.

Dots, pastells, red - you name it!



Suits with old cut if you want the formal look

Black pants


Wet look hair, bretelles


For both men and women there is plenty to choose from, and above is only mentioned a few tips! Search the internet if you are not already clear what you want to wear.

Maybe you are interested in something new? Click on the link below to visit the website of El Bastardo, which is located in Gothenburg!


at Studio Stora Holm

on 5th August, 2016 at 15:00 PM

At 15.00 PM there will be served a drink, and 16.00 PM the ceremony will start. After the ceremony it will be time for mingel and competitions!

Dinner will start at 18.00 PM. After the dinner the party will start, so prepare to rock and dance like they did in the 1950's!


Here are websites to the suppliers for the food and decorations on this wedding:

Facilities at the Party

At the very beautiful Studio Stora Holm both the ceremony and party will be held.

In an updated old barn that actually once was turned over to its side, is the place of the wedding and the party. Be sure to enjoy the garden on the back and the barn, as the front entrance is not rented and not a place for the wedding. Also smoking is forbidden in front of the building, and only allowed in the back end of the garden.


Parking is on the asfalt in the main entrance to Stora Holm, but if this is full you can park in front of the Studio. Also an exeption can be made for cars from 50s and 60s to park in front of the Studio!

  • One bigger loft with an open bar and some chairs and tables.
  • 2 toilets, one on the lover level and one on the bigger loft. Tip: be sure to visit both toilets!
  • A second smaller loft with a lounge.
  • A bridge that connects the two lofts. But ladies, makes sure no boys are looking up your dress as a part of the bridge is made of glass!
  • A garden with table and chairs.
  • Free drinks for everyone, both alcohol and non-alcohol.
  • Dresscode: Rockabilly/1950s!

Studio Stora Holm

Ronja: +46-0707-499 860

Björn: +46-0736-550 560